Sunday, February 27, 2011

THe WorLd haS BeeN tO crueL tOo MeE!!

errr,... y??? why mee,... i love my friends!!! heeee,... ak syg kwn2 ak,... knpa ak hrus  brpsh dgn cra ini!!! ak cdey ble ak d ftnah cm niey!!! hey guys,... trust mee,... i didn't do that!!! ak lngsung x pnah kluar brdua ngn diey,... jgn la korng tuduh ak cm niey!!! x d aty prut ker??? y should mee,... sorng2 ilang dri hdup ak,... skrng niey ak cme tnggl yuen,shalini n ummu!!!! enough!!! ak pnat ngn sume drama niey!! ak pnt sgt!!! huh,.... 

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