Monday, March 14, 2011

the truth of love

hey guy,.. what do you feel when someone is in love with you? but,... seriously you are not interested with the guy! what are the action you gotta take? please i need the results..... i cant imagine,... is gonna be this tuff!!
hurm,... i love someone but,... y cant he fell the same,... y??? it's hurt,.!!! my heart break in pieces... hurm,... he is special!! n no one can replace him!!! wheter he is not handsome!!! but for me he is the special one!!! special !!
i repeat!!! y can you text me??? just for 1 time n said that i miss you coz!!! i missing you like hell!!! hack,.. i misss you,... your laugh,smile,jokes,kind hearted!!! OMG<!! nothing can describe him coz he is better than everyone!!! when the time he said that he is in love with someone!! i feel like my world is gonna reach the end!!! it's like the end of my life....hurm... ya,... love need to sacrifice!!! bcoz of my love towards him,... i rather to cry then seeing him crying!!! just.... take a deep breath! i ya,... life got to go on!! but,... naaah,... jamalia is still jamalia,... she will never stopped to love him till the rest of her life!!! bcoz,... her love is to big!!! cant be measure!!!! cant be seen!! i will wait for youu......

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